Computer Digital Imaging Workflow


1)            I currently use ACR v.5.3 (for my E-1/510, but it supports the E-3/E-1/E30 as well).

2)            I use two sets of two 1GB CF and 2 sets of 2GB CF cards, plus one (unloved, but useful) Olympus xD 1GB card - like having three BLM1s, this suits me. I always format new cards using a long format in my card reader, then do the camera "format". I do not "share" cards between cameras. This is a certain recipe for disaster by card data corruption.

3)            Create a folder e.g. F:\_Photos\E-510_0001

4)            Open the DNG converter.

5)            Convert all .ORFs off the card onto the PC - embed medium JPEG AND the original .ORF for future use, safety.

6)            Copy all the in-camera JPEGs into the same folder from the card.

7)      a)     BEFORE doing any editing, open folder using Bridge.

         b)      SELECT all images. Append basic template metadata to all images (copyright, owner, etc).

         c)      Burn one copy to DVDR. If using Nero, turn VERIFY switch ON. Run Nero SCANDISC after burn and verify. If there are
         any yellow or red sectors, bin the DVDR and start over. I always defragment my HDDs before burning - fewer drink
         coasters ...

         d)      Backup images to external HDD and then unplug it. I never leave my external HDD power or data cable plugged in. 

8)            Select images in pairs (.DNG and .JPG) or multiples of pairs.

9)            Add keywords, metadata.

10)        Burn two copies to DVDR, with verify