Updating Firmware on the Olympus E-1


I updated my E-1 when I got it from v1.4 to v1.5, no problems
precautions, same methodology as the later cameras). This process did not reset the shutter count.

I had to use the latest version of Viewer however. Master would not update or even recognise the E-1. I now have Studio, and it recognises the E-1 (firmware version and stuff) just fine.

Master is OK as far as recognising the E-1 for image upload to my PC (not that I use this upload method).

Olympus have managed to cripple even the Firewire400 port on the E-1 to about 3MB/s and the USB2 port is about 2MB/s ... ; so I just use one of my USB2 card readers, which are much faster at 14.9MB/s with the newer SanDisk Ultra IIs, and 11.4MB/s with the older Ultra IIs.

The Sandisk external card reader I have is "speed limited" to 9.9MB/s using either old or new Ultra IIs.My newer "no-name" card reader is faster, as is the front panel one that I have installed to one of the internal USB headers on the motherboard of my main workstation.


Regards, john from Melbourne, Australia.


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