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ROTFL is an Internet acronym standing for Rolling On The Floor Laughing.

Q:  Should I regularly backup all my irreplaceable data and pictures?  

  A:  Only if you want to see them again, after the next micro-second has elapsed, and your computer says "Unrecoverable disk error Drive C:"

  Q:  Should I regularly defragment all my hard disk drives, and scan them for viruses and spyware ? 

A:  EVEN Macs get viruses.
ALL computers are susceptible to viruses and spyware.

Regular defragmentation keeps your hard disk alive longer as it does not have to do so much work all the time.
It also makes your PC faster - and more reliable.
Q:  Should I use Internet Banking? 
A:  Only if you don't care whether you ever see your money again. Identity fraud (Identity theft) also often uses the information from bank account details as corroboration.

I advise having a small-limit credit card that is NOT linked to any bank accounts IF you feel you MUST use your credit card on the Internet for payments. I DO NOT advise the use of Internet Banking.
My website has 4096 bit security (that is, 2 raised to the 4096th power). The Internet generally uses 128 bit encryption, so do all Web Browsers of which I am aware. 128 bit encryption is known in the trade as "weak encryption".

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